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Moffatts-Chapter I: A New Beginning Full Album 139

Moffatts-Chapter I: A New Beginning full album 139

The Moffatts are a Canadian pop rock band that consists of four brothers: Scott, Clint, Bob and Dave. They rose to fame in the late 1990s with their albums Chapter I: A New Beginning and Submodalities. The former was released in 1998 and featured the hit singles "I'll Be There for You", "Miss You Like Crazy" and "Girl of My Dreams". The latter was released in 2000 and included the songs "Bang Bang Boom", "Just Another Phase" and "Walking Behind".

In 2023, a fan of the Moffatts named Temanekeliee uploaded a full album of Chapter I: A New Beginning on SoundCloud. The album consists of 13 tracks that showcase the Moffatts' catchy melodies, harmonies and lyrics. The album has a runtime of 46 minutes and 7 seconds and is available for streaming and download on the platform. Temanekeliee also added a link to a zip file that contains the album in MP3 format. The fan claimed that the album was one of their favorites and wanted to share it with other fans of the band.


The upload of the full album attracted the attention of other SoundCloud users who were interested in listening to the Moffatts' music. Some of them commented on the track and thanked Temanekeliee for sharing it. Others expressed their nostalgia and admiration for the band. Some also suggested other albums or songs by the Moffatts that they liked or wanted to hear. The track received over 68 plays and 3 likes in two months. It also appeared on some discovery playlists that featured similar genres or artists .

The Moffatts-Chapter I: A New Beginning full album 139 is a rare and valuable upload for fans of the band who want to enjoy their music online. It is also a testament to the enduring popularity and influence of the Moffatts who have been making music since they were children. The band has recently reunited and released new songs such as "Secrets" and "Like I Love U". They have also performed live shows in various countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Canada.


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