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Bonifati Gusev
Bonifati Gusev

Vlasovstudio HTML 11 V1.8.1

HTML 11 shows a preview of static and dynamic web pages you are currently editing in Visual Studio, on desktop and mobile devices. The preview for static .html pages is updated as you type. The preview for dynamic .cshtml, .vbhtml, .aspx and .razor pages is updated when you save a document. You can position preview tool windows alongside the HTML editor or outside the main Visual Studio window, e.g. on a second monitor. HTML is rendered using Chromium Embedded Framework v92. The mobile device preview is simulated with Chromium DevTools Device Mode and you can open a page on a running Android emulator.

Vlasovstudio HTML 11 v1.8.1

拡張子*.html *.htmのファイルをBOM除外: \.(htmlhtm)$m:\tempディレクトリ以下に含まれるファイルをBOM除外: ^m:\\tempm:\tempディレクトリ以下の*.htmlファイルをBOM除外: ^m:\\temp.+\.html$すべてのファイルをBOM除外: 設定を空にする


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