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Brahmachari Full Movie in Hindi

Brahmachari is a popular Hindi movie that was released in 1968. It is a comedy-drama film that stars Shammi Kapoor, Mumtaz, Pran, Rajshree, Jagdeep, Sachin and Asit Sen. The film was directed by Bhappi Sonie and produced by G. P. and Ramesh Sippy. The music was composed by Shankar Jaikishan. The film was a box office hit and won several awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Film.

Plot Summary

The film revolves around Brahmachari (Shammi Kapoor), an orphan who takes care of many other orphans in his home. He is poor and struggles to provide for their needs. One day, he saves a young woman named Sheetal (Rajshree) from committing suicide. She is in love with Ravi Khanna (Pran), a wealthy and promiscuous man who does not reciprocate her feelings. Brahmachari promises to help Sheetal win Ravi's heart in exchange for money. He works hard to transform her appearance and personality to make her more attractive to Ravi. However, he falls in love with her himself in the process.

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When Ravi proposes to Sheetal, she realizes that she loves Brahmachari too. She is confused and does not know whom to choose. Meanwhile, Ravi tries to pressure Brahmachari into giving up Sheetal by threatening to foreclose the mortgage on his house. He also reveals that he is the one who killed Brahmachari's parents in a car accident years ago. Brahmachari is shocked and angry, but he agrees to sacrifice his love for Sheetal's happiness. He pretends to be involved with another woman named Rupa (Mumtaz) to make Sheetal believe that he does not love her.

However, Rupa turns out to be pregnant with Ravi's child and tries to leave the baby at Brahmachari's house. Brahmachari confronts Ravi and shows him the love letters that he wrote to Rupa. He demands that Ravi marry Rupa and take responsibility for his child. Ravi refuses and orders his goons to kidnap Brahmachari's orphans. A fight ensues and Brahmachari manages to rescue the children with the help of his friends. Ravi realizes his mistakes and apologizes to Brahmachari. He agrees to marry Rupa and also pays off the mortgage on Brahmachari's house. Brahmachari and Sheetal get married and live happily ever after with their adopted children.

Cast and Crew




Shammi Kapoor

Sheetal Chaudhary


Ravi Khanna




Murli Manohar




Ganpat Rao

Asit Sen

The film was directed by Bhappi Sonie, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Sachin Bhowmick. The cinematography was done by Taru Dutt and the editing by M.S. Shinde. The film was produced by G.P.Sippy and Ramesh Sippy under their banner Sippy Films.


The music of the film was composed by Shankar Jaikishan, who were one of the most successful music directors of Hindi cinema. The lyrics were written by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri. The film had nine songs, which were sung by Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle and Suman Kalyanpur. The songs were very popular and became evergreen hits. Some of the famous songs are:

  • Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche

  • Dil Ke Jharokhe Mein

  • Chakke Mein Chakka

  • Mohabbat Ke Khuda

  • Tu Bemisaal Hai

Reception and Awards

The film was a commercial success and was one of the highest-grossing films of 1968. It was also critically acclaimed and received positive reviews from the critics and the audience. The film was praised for its comedy, romance, drama, music and performances. The film won several awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Film, Best Actor (Shammi Kapoor), Best Music Director (Shankar Jaikishan), Best Lyricist (Shailendra) and Best Male Playback Singer (Mohammed Rafi). The film was also nominated for Best Actress (Rajshree), Best Supporting Actress (Mumtaz), Best Supporting Actor (Pran) and Best Story (Sachin Bhowmick).


Brahmachari is a classic Hindi movie that is loved by generations of viewers. It is a perfect blend of comedy, romance, drama and music. It showcases the talent and charisma of Shammi Kapoor, who is considered as one of the greatest actors of Indian cinema. It also features some of the finest actors and actresses of that era, such as Mumtaz, Pran, Rajshree, Jagdeep and Sachin. The film has a heartwarming story that touches upon the themes of love, sacrifice, family and friendship. The film has a memorable soundtrack that is still popular today. The film is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys Hindi cinema.


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