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Kitab Tafsir Al Ibriz Pdf Downloadgolkes

Kitab Tafsir Al-Ibriz PDF Downloadgolkes

Tafsir Al-Ibriz is a monumental work of Quranic exegesis by the Indonesian scholar KH. Bisri Mustofa, the father of Gus Mus (KH. Mustofa Bisri). The book is written in Pegon Javanese, a modified Arabic script used to write Javanese language. The book consists of 30 volumes, covering the entire Quran in a simple and eloquent style.


Tafsir Al-Ibriz is popular among the Javanese people, especially in Central Java, where it is studied regularly by many religious scholars and students. The book is also known in Suriname, where the majority of the population speaks Javanese as their native language. The book has a unique feature of using polite and refined Javanese language (kromo halus), which reflects the author's respect and reverence for the Quran.

If you are interested in reading or studying Tafsir Al-Ibriz, you can download the PDF version of the book from various sources on the internet. However, you should be careful of the quality and authenticity of the files, as some of them may contain errors or omissions. Here are some reliable links that you can use to download Tafsir Al-Ibriz PDF:

  • . This link provides a scanned copy of the original printed edition of Tafsir Al-Ibriz, which was published by Menara Kudus in 1976. The file size is about 0.5 GB.

  • . This link provides a digital copy of Tafsir Al-Ibriz, which was converted from the scanned copy by Duta Islam, a website dedicated to Islamic literature. The file size is about 0.5 GB.

  • . This link provides another digital copy of Tafsir Al-Ibriz, which was uploaded by an anonymous user on Internet Archive. The file size is about 0.5 GB.

If you prefer to have a physical copy of Tafsir Al-Ibriz, you can order it online from various sellers on e-commerce platforms. The price may vary depending on the availability and quality of the book. You can also visit local bookstores or libraries that may have Tafsir Al-Ibriz in their collection.

Tafsir Al-Ibriz is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Quran and its interpretation from a Javanese perspective. The book is also a testament to the rich and diverse Islamic heritage of Indonesia, which has produced many great scholars and works throughout history.


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