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Nagoor Hanifa Odi Varugiran Udayasuriyan Dmk Political Song

Nagoor Hanifa Odi Varugiran Udayasuriyan Dmk Political Song

Nagoor Hanifa was a Tamil singer, songwriter, and politician who was known for his devotional and political songs. He was a member of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party and composed many songs in praise of its leader and former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, M. Karunanidhi.

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One of his most famous songs is Odi Varugiran Udayasuriyan (The Rising Sun is Running), which was released in 1967 as a propaganda song for the DMK. The song compares Karunanidhi to the sun, who brings light and warmth to the people, and criticizes the Congress party, which ruled India at that time, as the moon, who is pale and cold. The song also celebrates the achievements of the DMK, such as the abolition of the zamindari system, the introduction of free education, and the promotion of Tamil language and culture.

The song was written by Ka. Mu. Sheriff, a poet and lyricist who was also a DMK member. He wrote many songs for Nagoor Hanifa and other DMK singers, such as K. Veeramani and T.M. Soundararajan. The music for the song was composed by M.S. Viswanathan, a legendary music director who worked with many famous Tamil film directors and actors.

The song became very popular among the DMK supporters and the general public, and was played at many rallies and events. It also helped Karunanidhi win the 1967 assembly elections, which marked the first time that the DMK came to power in Tamil Nadu. The song is still considered as an anthem of the DMK and is often sung by its leaders and cadres.

Here are some of the lyrics of the song:

Odi varugiran udaya sooriyan (The rising sun is running) Avanai ninaithu paadungal (Think of him and sing) Avan oru thalaivan endru arindhu (Knowing that he is a leader) Avanai ninaithu paadungal (Think of him and sing) Avan tharum oliyai tharum (He gives light and warmth) Avan tharum urimaiyai tharum (He gives rights and dignity) Avan tharum kalviyai tharum (He gives education and knowledge) Avan tharum kuralai tharum (He gives voice and expression)

You can listen to the full song here: [Odi Varugiran Udhaya Suriyan (DMK Propaganda Song)]

You can also listen to another version of the song sung by [Iraiyanban Khuddhus], a contemporary singer who has performed many DMK songs.

If you want to listen to more songs by Nagoor Hanifa, you can check out this playlist: [nagoor hanifa dmk songs நகர் ஹனப படய தமக படல்கள் dmk songs ...]


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