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Fighting Yuna Save Data: A Guide to Unlocking All Content

Against Yuna's warnings that the attempt would be futile, Jin attacks Castle Kaneda, where Shimura was imprisoned, in order to save his uncle. Before he reaches the main keep of the castle, he is confronted in one-on-one combat with Khotun Khan; although Jin manages to wound Khotun's face, he is ultimately outmatched and thrown off a bridge. Jin narrowly survives the fall, and escapes with Yuna with the help of a pair of the Samurai horses they used to travel to the castle. Realizing that he cannot defeat the Mongols by himself or with the traditional samurai techniques and tactics, Jin opts to scour the island in search of allies and new fighting techniques in order to retake Castle Kaneda and rescue his uncle.

Fighting Yuna Save Data

Even after becoming more pragmatic and ruthless in fighting the Mongols, Jin retains a strong moral compass and frowns upon immoral acts. Several of these instances include calling the men of Sago Village 'swine' after realizing they had sold out their women to the Mongols to save themselves, threatening Kajiwara after discovering he murdered his wife and daughter, and warning Masako never to attempt to kill him again after locating Junshin.

To do so, you need to transfer your save data to Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut. On PS5, you need to have your Ghost of Tsushima save data on the console. Then, on the main menu of Director's Cut, there's an option to transfer that data. When you load up your game, all of the Trophies that you've unlocked on that save will pop automatically.

  • In DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition, you can play part of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT for free.

  • In the Free Edition, you can play online and offline battles with four pre-selected characters. The characters change weekly.

  • Story mode is not available in the Free Edition.

  • Some aspects of the Free Edition differ from the full version of the game (in addition to the differences described above).

  • There are two types of characters: the 28 from the full version, who appear in the weekly lineup for the Free Edition, and DLC characters, who won't appear in the weekly lineup. Please be aware of this when purchasing starter packs.

  • You can battle online against users from the full version.

  • You can carry over your Free Edition save data to the full version.

Trading cards are granted exclusively to Standard and Deluxe Edition owners

Yūma has a laid back personality and is not very knowledgeable about Japanese customs, being from another world (despite having a Japanese father), leading to some run-ins with rough people. He is logical, advising Mikumo to stay away from the trion Battle Soldier rather than save the students as Mikumo could die. He seems to be aligned with Border's cause, fighting against Neighbor forces. Despite his happy exterior, he is actually deeply depressed due to his father's sacrifice to revive him.

The teleporter down to the bottom floor of Omega Ruins is on the far side of the dungeon from the Save Sphere, and there are numerous things in the dungeon itself for you to get. You may find groups of chests in areas lit by purple light - opening these in the correct order will net you useful items like Level 4 Key Spheres. There is a set sequence of goodies that you may get from the chests (see below); however, there is a good chance that some of the chests are traps. You have no way of knowing which chest is a trap. Open one, and you get coaxed into a battle with a Mimic, and the rest of the chests in that area will disappear (if you get even one mimic, you cannot get the 99x Warp Spheres--though, most players deem it not worth trying for the 12th item: 99x Warp Spheres). If you do get an item, hurry and go for the rest of them, because they may disappear within a few seconds.(NOTE there is no permanent order for these trapped chests). **Potentially, you can get at least four Level 4 Key Spheres. Save before you enter the first time. Then, open the first set of chests. If you don't get one, reset. Once you get the first Level 4 Key Sphere, save the game, and reset. Do this everytime you approach a new set of chests. The game resets the prizes for the chests, so, since the first item is the Level 4 Key Sphere, you can get four of them IF you reset the game before you open every chest area because the first item is the Level 4 Key Sphere (thus: you get the first item every chest area) If you do not want to do this, there are actually two Level 4 Key Spheres in the item list (total of 12 items, 12 chests). If you can get to chest number 7 you can get the other Level 4 Key Sphere that is in the original chest lineup. There is also a Level 3 Key Sphere (but since you are fighting Defender X in this area, the rare drop from them are Level 3 Key Spheres).


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