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Bonifati Gusev
Bonifati Gusev

Xprint Xp-c230 Driver 260

windows 8.1 has been released to manufacturing, and all of the non-security fixes, and many of the reliability fixes, have been completed. now that the first builds of windows 8.1 are available to you, you can download the latest iso here:

xprint xp-c230 driver 260

as a business printer / /marketing tools vendor, it is important that our relationship with your company is not only good, but is long-lasting. our jobsite solutions give you comprehensive print management from the front-end pos and /marketing software to the back-end business printers. the result is that your business will continue to grow. the best way we can prove it is by asking you to consider a rebate.

the continued emergence and proliferation of consumer electronic devices (ce) such as portable mp3 players, cell phones, and ipads, as well as the software associated with them, pose a challenge to information security. mobile technology is a powerful communication tool, and the public seeks to exploit this opportunity. /mobility, the internet, and intranet content that people create and share are further rendering technology the primary means of disseminating information about individuals, organizations, business, and government. user activity on a ce has become a valuable resource for non-technical and non-secure information, either personal or private to an individual or business. as a result, security exploits that impact ce's are a growing security problem.

since the need for a new type of multifunction printer (mfp) emerges on a regular basis, we are always searching for better ways to keep our customers printing. because of our unique position, /marketshare, we are able to offer the same benefits and add-ons that we do for other /marketing printers to all users of any lantronix mfp.


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