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VIP M3U LIST 15.02.rar

Output can also be limited to shmlog entries with specific flags,such as transmit-packets, configuration, and sessionDb, using the flag-name flag option in the showshmlog entries logname all command. To display a list of validflags, enter the command show shmlog entries logname all flag-name?.

VIP M3U LIST 15.02.rar

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If you do not configure backup-on-failure, the file is savedon failure into the local directory that is specified as the lastsite in the list of archive sites. No further attempts are made totransfer the file. You must configure an event script or some othermeans to transfer files from the local directory to a remote site.

The show services service-set statistics ids drops command displays counters for IDS violations onservice sets. The interface interface-name option lists the counters for the service sets hosted on thespecified service interface. The service-set service-set-name option lists counters for the specified service set. The terse option displays only the nonzero values.

In addition, the show multicast forwarding-cache statistics command provides information about both the general and RPT suppressionstates. Likewise, a list of suppressed customer-multicast states canbe seen by running the show mvpn suppressed generalmvpn-rpt inet inet6 instance name summary command.

The best ECMP links are grouped as a unilist of primary nexthops to reach the destination. Suboptimal ECMP links are grouped asa unilist of backup next hops to reach the destination. If the bandwidthof the primary next hops falls below the desired bandwidth, the PacketForwarding Engine does a local repair and traffic switch to back upthe unilist next hops.

In addition, the show multicast forwarding-cache statistics command provides information about both the general and RPT-suppressionstates. Likewise, a list of suppressed customer-multicast states canbe seen by running the show mvpn suppressed generalmvpn-rpt inetinet6 instance name summary command.

In Junos OS Release 16.1R3, the certificate payload sent duringIKE negotiation can contain a chain of EE and CA certificates. A certificatechain is the list of certificates required to certify the subjectin the EE certificate. The certificate chain includes the EE certificate,intermediate CA certificates, and the root CA certificate. CA certificatescan be enrolled using the Simple Certificate Enrollment Process (SCEP)or loaded manually. There is no new CLI configuration statement orcommand for certificate chains; however, every end device must beconfigured with a CA profile for each CA in the certificate chain.

You must explicitly configure a list of trap targetswith the notify-targets statement at the [edit servicesradius-flow-tap snmp] hierarchy level. This means that authorizationto configure the target mediation devices is limited to users withflow-tap-control permission; that is, only users allowed to configuresubscriber secure policies. In earlier releases, any user with snmp-controlpermission can configure targets to receive the trap messages, andnotifications are sent to all targets in a trap group.

In certain interface scaling scenarios, during configurationcommit or rollback, the following message might appear for a few seconds: fpcx list_get_head list has bad magic (0xdeadbeef). This message can be safely ignored due to the FPGA monitor mechanismon DPC cards for logical interface mapping (ifl_map). When physicalinterface is deleted and then monitored, this mechanism checks throughthe stored logical interfaces. While trying to find the family ofone such recently deleted logical interface that is not cleaned fromifl_map, messages were seen populating in the messages log file. PR1210877

Starting Junos OS Release 15.1F5 and later, the hiddenconfiguration statement filter-list-template is enabledby default for all firewall filters on MX Series based platforms touse a common program on MX Series boards for all interfaces that usethe same filter list. This can save MX Series board microkernel memoryand DMEM memory. The hidden configuration statement no-filter-list-template can be configured to disable this behavior. PR1157079

The logs like trinity_dfw_ifl_impl_filter_delete:187There is no IFL impl filter feature list to delete dfw 4198021 might be seen if there is no filter attached to IFL to be deleted.As far as this DFW log message is concerned, it should not affectservices. PR1225634

If two archive sites are configured under the [accounting-optionsfile ] configuration hierarchy, and the first archivesite listed uses the SFTP protocol and is not currently reachable,then the backup accounting files must occur to the second site listed.Due to a defect in the backup logic, addressed with this PR, thisdoes not occur. PR1311749

An FPC crash is observed when a route has unilist next hopsthat contain primary/backup paths. Also, interfaces related to unilistmembers go down when set protocol rsvp load-balance bandwidth is configured. PR1315228

In some scenarios, when a discard interface configured withIGMPv3 join an existing multicast flow, because of a change in theoutgoing interface list (OIL) KRT queue gets stuck during multicastnext-hop (MCNH) reprogramming. PR1342032

When an SNMP MIB view is attached to a community, thedefault views of "_all_" and "_none_" get added to the view linkliston each snmpd configuration update (SIGHUP) signal. This list cangrow long, and it causes the queries to loop through all the entriesduring view-based access control model (VACM) checks. This causesthe CPU hike during SNMP query. PR1300016

The Packet Forwarding Engine route might get corruptedafter a few attempts of deactivation/activation of CFM feature listeither through interface flap or restart of the FPC hosting the memberlinks AE with connectivity fault management configured, to packetsbeing silently dropped or discarded.PR1342881

If nonstop active routing (NSR) is configured, after aBorder Gateway Protocol (BGP) peer is deleted, the peer is not removedfrom the BGP import evaluation list on the backup Routing Engine (RE).When the import evaluation background job is scheduled, it would accessthis freed BGP peer and the rpd would crash on the backup RoutingEngine. This is a day-1 timing issue. PR1329932

With l2tp subscribers, all FPCs except the card that hosts subscriberswill report a log message jnh_if_get_input_feature_list(9723):Could not find ifl state" after every subscriber's login attempt. PR1140527

In a BGP-PIC scenario, a change in the IGP topology, for examplea link failure in the IGP path, causes traffic outage for certainprefixes. The reason for this is that the unilist next-hops for theseprefixes are in a broken state. PR1239357

Next hop used for Routing Engine generated TCP trafficmight differ from the one used for Routing Engine-generated non-TCPtraffic if the prefix not subjected to 'then load-balanced per-packet'action and is pointing to an indirect next-hop resolved via unilistnext-hop (ECMP). Before the fix for PR1193697, this leads to non-TCPtraffic generated from Routing Engine taking one unicast next-hopwhile TCP traffic generated from Routing Engine is load-balanced acrossdifferent next-hops. After the fix for PR1193697 this behavior mightlead to non-TCP host outbound traffic taking one unicast next-hop,while TCP host outbound traffic takes another. PR1229409

The apply-path change bit does not seem to get appliedwhen prefix-list is modified and the DFWD daemon, which waits forthe policy-options, does not get notified and the apply-path functionis broken. PR1232299

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Send your m3u files to media/uSDextra/m3u If use pvr simple tv for iptv m3u files go to system - addons -myaddons -pvr clients-pvr iptv simple client-configure- general-location-local path-m3u play list path choose the file folder u sended with ftp 041b061a72


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