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[S1E7] Denial

The Strain has done a great job of keeping its original group of infected individuals relevant to its story, having them even act as a guide for viewers when it comes to their transformations, and the traits of the beasts. Each of the infected have been so different that they have also illuminated the spread (and the denial about the spread) in different ways.

[S1E7] Denial

Gina was more than an undercover officer to her -- she was a friend. And Bell's response to Richie's denials led to an interesting role reversal, as Stabler had to be the one to hold her back instead of the other way around.

-At last the truth catches up with Silver. Randal reveals that he knows Silver was the actual thief of the journal.-Silver is fairly convincing in his denial. If the truth is known, the crew will kill him, but if Silver truly memorized the schedule, they will lose money.-Fortunately, Silver knows how to manipulate, and he finally gets Randall to reconsider his charge. Silver comes to realize that Randall is crazy, crazy like a fox!

But just when things are going better, they see on television that Maggie's book alleges that Mitch targeted Black women for harassment. Between this report and his angry denial, Alex realizes he's about to be extra-radioactive, so she's like, "Noooope, I'm out, oh and by the way, I do still expect you to put out that statement lying that we never slept together, love you, mean it, bye." When she's gone, he heads over to Paola's place, where they have sex at last, and he has found peace, and then he gets in the car to go get her some cigarettes, and then he drives off the side of a mountain.

The Nolan-Debbie plot has been the show\u2019s biggest departure from the comics. Instead of having all this information suddenly sprung on Debbie, her detective work makes her an active part of the plot, and it gives her the chance to reckon with her husband\u2019s actions, and to work through her denial and disbelief. The other side of this coin is Nolan himself, who ends up in a complicated position. In the comics, his relationship with Debbie was revealed to be a ruse, but in the show, you can feel him wrestling between his violent Viltrumite duties and his genuine, loving human relationships. He\u2019s constantly, painfully conflicted \u2014 like when he practices his confession to Mark (Steven Yeun) on a lonely mountaintop \u2014 and his facial animation this week makes him especially intimidating. He still stares silently, but he feels like he\u2019s about to explode. 041b061a72


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