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Osip Nikiforov
Osip Nikiforov

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Jersey Shore Family Vacation was missing a meatball when its second season premiered on Thursday night, and now fans might be worried that the cast will be down a member all season long. As we watched Snooki, JWoww, Vinny, Pauly D, Mike, and Ronnie descend upon Las Vegas for the second part of their family vacation, Deena was notably absent from all the fun. So now you might be wondering, is Deena in Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 at all? We actually did see a bit of her, but she did not make it sound very likely that she would be coming to Vegas to party with her castmates.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Following an explosive season five that tested friendships like never before, "Jerzdays" are back with one vacation after another as the "Shore" family fist pumps their way across the country for the first time ever. Between hitting wine country for the launch of Nicole's new wine label and South Carolina for Mike's celebrity cornhole tournament to the final stop in New Orleans for a jaw-dropping extended-family getaway - the squad continues to take every trip up a notch. 041b061a72


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